Insurance Claims

Claims Management

Lackawanna Insurance Group has a professional, aggressive and comprehensive claims management approach. Each policyholder is assigned to a specific team of highly qualified professionals consisting of claims professionals and in-house legal counsel. No work-related injury is handled in a routine manner.

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In-House legal Counsel

Lackawanna Insurance Group understands that certain workers’ compensation claims require litigation of disputed facts. In an effort to assure the proper handling of all litigated claims, Lackawanna Insurance Group has retained a dedicated, in-house attorney.

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Medical Cost Containment

In an effort to achieve the maximum cost savings allowed under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, Lackawanna Insurance Group aggressively manages the medical costs of all claims through the effective use of:

  • Provider Panels
  • Medical Bill Review & Re-pricing
  • Pharmacy Program

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When someone provides false information to an insurance company in order to gain something of value that he or she would not have received if the truth had been told, they’ve committed insurance fraud.

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Reporting an Injury

Need to file a claim? . . . No problem!

We provide three (3) methods to submit the First Report of Injury form, including our quick and easy Online First Report of Injury Form.

Report an Injury

Claims Kit

If you do not have your original Employer Claims Kit, you may download the documents online.

Full Claims Kit