Claims Management

Lackawanna Insurance Group has a professional, aggressive and comprehensive claims management approach.  Each policyholder is assigned to a specific team of highly qualified professionals consisting of claims professionals and in-house legal counsel.  No work-related injury is handled in a routine manner.

Our experienced staff has extensive knowledge of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.  Each claims representative manages a limited number of claims to insure proactive handling of every claim in the most cost efficient manner.

Our approach includes:


  • Mandatory 24-Hour Contact – A member of our claims staff will contact the employer,  the injured worker and medical provider upon receipt of the notice of first report.
  • Claim Investigation – Our claims professionals investigate every reported injury to assess compensability and minimize ongoing exposure utilizing the services of outside experts when necessary.
  • Ease of Submitting First Report Forms – Reports can be conveniently submitted utilizing our company website. Fax or telephone reporting is available upon request and is based on premium level.
  • Reserving Procedures – Each claim is reserved based on facts obtained during our thorough investigative process.
  • Transitional Return to Work – The claims representatives work diligently with the employers to expedite the workers’ early return to work in a modified job capacity.
  • Medical Cost Reductions – All medical bills are repriced according to the PA workers’ compensation medical fee schedule to assure maximum cost savings.  Assistance is given in the selection of medical provider panels.
  • Litigation and Claims Settlement – Our panel of qualified litigation attorneys are used when the facts of the case warrant to bring the claim to a quick, satisfactory and financially beneficial resolution.
  • Subrogation – Our claims staff vigorously pursues subrogation in every suitable claim.
  • Fraud – Claims are investigated for fraud and all fraudulent claims are reported to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.