Pharmacy Program

Lackawanna Insurance Group has partnered with Helios as our preferred provider of pharmacy benefit management services for workers’ compensation claims. This partnership helps us to make timely cost-effective decisions to do what’s right for the injured workers we serve.


Other Pharmacy Program Benefits include:

  • Lower Prescription Rates: Savings of 8 – 20% below average wholesale price resulting in reduced medical costs on claims.
  • More Pharmacies for Greater Convenience: Injured workers have access to 98% of the nation’s pharmacies, including all national chains, without incurring any out-of-pocket expense.
  • Injury-Specific Medication Plans: Based on body part, nature of injury, acuity of injury, date of injury and the state of jurisdiction, the medication plans help ensure that injured workers receive the right medication at the right time and eliminate the processing of non-work related medications.
  • First Fill® Program: Delivers up to a 30-day supply of initial prescriptions – even before a claim is established – with no cost to the injured worker or to you. And if it is determined that the claim is not compensable, we accept financial responsibility for the fill.
  • Access to Experienced Clinicians (Nurses and Pharmacists) with Veteran Workers’ Compensation Expertise: Claims professionals can ask questions and gain insight on medications and treatments for more informed decision-making.
  • Peer-to-Peer Physician Reviews: In claims where intervention is warranted, Helios will contact the claimant’s treating physician to discuss treatment and prescription modifications as appropriate.